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How to Find Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Brokers

Starting a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) business is challenging, with many facets to consider. One of the essential pieces of this puzzle is understanding the role of Brokers in the NEMT industry. In today’s video, we will define a broker, the b


enefits of working with brokers, the challenges of working with brokers and leveraging state Medicaid contracts, and where to find brokers.

What is a Broker?

In the context of NEMT, a broker serves as a bridge or connector between those needing medical transportation and providers like your business. Acting as a middleman, they link the patients requiring transport to the appropriate services. But the broker’s responsibility extends far beyond merely making these connections.

They take care of the ride’s complete details, from scheduling to ensuring on-time arrival and handling the payment process. They coordinate with various service providers, negotiate rates, and ensure the service meets all the necessary standards. In other words, they oversee the entire operation so patients reach their medical appointments punctually and without hassles. Essentially, they utilize your services to transport their customers to their required destinations, ensuring smooth operations.

Benefits of Working with Brokers

  1. Ease of Operations:

Brokers handle much of the administrative work, including scheduling, billing, and customer service, allowing you to focus on providing quality transportation services. They act as the liaison between you and the patients, relieving you of many time-consuming tasks.

  1. Steady Client Flow:

Brokers have established connections with hospitals, medical facilities, and individual patients. Working with them gives you access to a continuous stream of clients, enhancing your business’s financial revenue and stability.

  1. Compliance Assistance:

Understanding and following local regulations and standards can be a daunting task. Brokers usually have in-depth knowledge of these rules and can guide you in adhering to them. This guidance can prevent legal issues that arise from non-compliance.


Challenges and Considerations

However, engaging with a broker requires careful consideration of various elements:

  1. Business Size:

Your business’s size, whether a large operation or a startup, can determine how beneficial working with a broker will be. Smaller companies benefit more as brokers provide a steady stream of clients that would be otherwise challenging to acquire.

  1. Client Type:

Understanding the types of clients you wish to serve helps you align with the right broker. Different brokers might specialize in various areas, and choosing the one that aligns with your target market is essential.

  1. Local Regulations:

Consider legal requirements in your area, as non-compliance can lead to legal issues. Some states require NEMT providers to have specific certifications, which a broker can assist you in obtaining.

  1. Support and Coordination Needs:

Assessing what level of support and coordination you need from a broker is vital to forming a successful partnership. Knowing your expectations, requirements, and what you want the broker to handle.

It is essential to understand that if your company has prepared to meet the demands, your service quality will improve. On the other hand, failing to prepare will lead to dissatisfied customers, negative reviews, and a potential loss of business. Careful planning, alignment with the broker’s capabilities, and a well-structured agreement can prevent these issues.

Utilizing State Medicaid Brokered Contracts

Utilizing state Medicaid brokered contracts can be an invaluable step for new entrepreneurs. Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps with medical costs for some people with limited income and resources. These contracts are a gateway for new providers into the industry, offering a secure starting point.

These contracts can pave the way for other opportunities and create a stable foundation for your business. They often come with specific requirements and standards, helping you to establish best practices early in your industry. They also demonstrate credibility and professionalism that can be attractive to other potential clients and partners.


Starting a NEMT business requires a strategic approach and understanding of various industry components, including the role of brokers. Engaging with a broker can offer financial growth, stability, and open doors to further opportunities. It can also provide valuable insights, guidance, and support for those new to the industry.

However, it requires insight, preparation, and careful planning to ensure alignment with your business’s unique needs and goals. Thoroughly researching potential brokers, understanding their services, and having clear agreements can provide a mutually beneficial partnership.

Combining the stability of working with a broker with the growth potential of diversifying into other areas, such as other state and federal contracts, can lead to immediate success and long-term sustainability.

Ultimately, a broker’s role is multifaceted, and your company should decide to engage with one after considering all factors. The partnership must be a good fit for both parties, with clear communication, expectations, and trust. Working with a broker can be a significant advantage when done right, providing your NEMT business with the tools and support needed to thrive in a competitive market.

Nationwide NEMT Brokers Today, the NEMT industry has several large players. Be aware that larger brokers often entail more intricate certification agreements. Some, like Access2Care, even provide an online application for prospective partners. Smaller providers should also consider these large firms, particularly if they plan to operate NEMT services in states lacking local brokers.

ModivCare Currently the largest NEMT broker in the U.S., operating in every state except Wyoming. Website Phone: 866-431-4635

Alivi A national broker pioneering public-private funding partnerships for paratransit. Website Phone: 888-998-4640

OneCall Serving both national and international NEMT needs, including air ambulances. Email: Phone: (866) 246-OCMT

MTM Operating in approximately two-thirds of American states, with a stronger presence in the Eastern U.S. Website Phone: 636-561-5686

Access2Care Part of AMR, a nationwide company, serving 29 states. Application Contact Page Regional NEMT Brokers Regional brokers operate in clusters of states, with significant variations in coverage areas. They provide great opportunities for NEMT providers with smaller, local fleets due to their moderate size and possible existing relationships within their regions.

Secure Transportation Operates in the West Coast, Southwest, and other regions. Website Phone: 1 (800) 856-9994

National MedTrans A medium-sized broker active in various states. Website Contact Page

Veyo A next-gen broker offering opportunities for individual drivers in specific states. Provider Forms Contact Page

Southeastrans Serving mainly the Southeastern seaboard, focusing on Medicaid and HMO providers. Provider Forms Phone: 678-510-4600 Individual State NEMT Brokers

With the American population aging and technology enhancing curb-to-curb transportation, the field, NEMT continues to expand. If you’re looking to tap into this growth, learn more about starting your own NEMT business.

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