Credit Building – Nemt Startup Coach

Strengthen Your Financial Profile with Our Credit Building Package

Prepare for Future Funding Opportunities with Personalized Credit Repair

40+ Students

Course Duration: 60h


Building a strong financial profile is crucial for securing the funding needed to grow your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) business. 

Our Credit Building package, led by Coach Willena McGee, offers personalized credit repair & building services over six months. 

Using the Credit Cloud software, we will work with you to monitor & improve your credit score, ensuring you’re prepared for future funding opportunities.


Ideal For

Price: $699 (Setup + 6 Months of Services)

Ready to Build Your Credit?

Take the essential step towards securing funding for your NEMT business.

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Pitch Perfect in 24 Hours


Step-by-Step Guidance

Customized Unique Market Plan

SBA-Approved Formatting

Fast & Convenient

Ideal for Entrepreneurs, Startups, Individuals Who Seeking Quick Funding

Exclusive Mentorship Program


Included Packages 1 & 2

Marketing, Sales & Client Acquisition

Technology, Innovation & Growth

Legal & Ethical Practices

Brand Reputation Management

Exclusive Resources

Exclusive Community

Ideal For Comprehensive Ongoing Support with Extensive Resources & Expert Guidance

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